About Me

Friday, January 29, 2010


Many times I've attempted to write a new post, especially to thank the many of you who extended sympathy by commenting here or through personal email.  Every time I'd start, I'd quickly break down.  But it's important for me to express my appreciation of your caring words. 

It finally occurred to me that reluctance to blog probably has everything to do with the the creative block I'm experiencing.  I simply haven't had the energy or focus to accomplish anything.  It's kind of like my mind strays as a means to deprive me of the activities that bring me joy; nothing seems to hold my attention for long.  So, enough of that.     I'm turning a page  in the hope this entry gives me a jump start to moving on.

I am currently enrolled in a Joggles class with Pamela Hastings:  Transformative Dollmaking.  Recalling the peace that came through creating healing dolls for others, I'm hopeful I'll find some much needed self healing through this process.