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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Internet as my Morning Muse

My morning routine involves exercising my dog. She wakes me for this event, and I know from experience her gentle insistance means I need to respond at once, so, however clad, I take her out, hoping sleepily that the school buses and job holders have already passed by. If the coast is clear, we'll go to the road to retrieve the paper. Then it's coffee and computer time.

I confess I'm on so many e-lists, I have a hard time keeping up. But there is nothing I'd rather do at my day's beginning than reading mail and exploring links. As previously admitted, I'm easily enabled. I share the thrill of discovery of a new pattern, technique, resource, and I am always inspired by the work of others. I spend a lot of time looking at pictures, reading blogs and checking out enticing, fiber related websites. Along with the coffee my wonderful husband makes me every morning, this computer activity really jump starts my creative thinking.

My creative joy is in learning a technique and planning the project. I spend happy a.m. hours virtually selecting just the right colors and textures for a pattern I like. I should mention I do the same thing in my head nights when I can't sleep.
Lately I've been consumed by a vest called Blazing Sleeveless Blazer which I found in the Fall issue of Knitters Magazine. Yarns called for are no longer manufactured, so I've had hours of fun going over possible substitutes. I use Wordpad as my design board, copying color swatches from online offerings.

I feel blessed in so many ways, and one of my major gratitudes, I now realize, is freedom from boredom.