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Monday, January 26, 2009

Since my fourth return from CA this past year I've been quietly working on a number of things, some catch-up, some new comittments. Although I haven't posted, I feel comfortable with the degree of accomplishment, even though these may not have been measurable as finished "things". So much of what you will not see is evidenced in the art journals I've kept puruant to the Joggles class I took from Sharon Boggan. My journals have become a playful means of capturing ideas that tend to swirl through my head until overshadowed or forgotten.

I had thought I might ease off my creative involvements in 2009, but as usual, enthusiasm got the upper hand, and I find my studio calendar full. Call me weak. I cannot resist the temptation to learn something new even though my pragmatic self knows there will always be similar opportunities.

So far this month I have continued with Chaska Peacock's Creative Spirit Group. Following the angels class, January's lesson in creating a Prosperity Doll which involves wrapping around a wire armature. Mine is ready to dress and embellish, so you will see a picture soon. I also signed on for Lynda Monk and Carol McFee's course at FiberInform on textural surfaces. I have admired their work for so long, and now I have the opportunity to learn how to use the multi media materials to achieve different effects in texture and color.

I can never resist anything offered by Sharon B. I've started a sampler to go along with her
Stitch Explorations 2009, and I'll be sharing my variations of chicken scratch soon. I purchased Maggie Grey's latest book, Textile Translations: Mixed Media ,which comes with online studies and a Yahoo support group. I've deferred these lessons until I complete the FiberInform course even though I understand the Yahoo group will have disbanded by then.

In February I will stay with Chaska to learn how to make a cigar box altar. I will also be participating in a group book study at Goldilocks and Friends . We will be performing the exercises in Susan Stein's Fabric Art Workshop .