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Thursday, October 20, 2005

multidirectional scarf embellished

mdscarf2, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.

I tried adding coral eyelash on one side of the scarf only and added fringe. I had a turquoise eyelash that also matched, but I opted for the coral in hopes it would add some brightness when I wore it with my dark teal jacket or my purple raincoat. Also experimented with eyelash in the fringe, but it just didn't look right even when I used only a couple of strands. DH disapproves the lash embellishment, and I'm inclined to agree with him. Since it's just a surface stitch, I can remove it easily. You can see the plain version lower down.

There is a hat in Ginger Luter's MD book that I think would go quite well.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


zigzagscarf, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.

I knit this scarf with Cherry Hill's Rustic Silk, 50/50% merino/silk in "Wild Cherry". Made up the unique zigzag design seemed lost, so I reversed crocheted an outline in a contrasting color, Tahki's New Tweed,
which had flecks of color complementing the Wild Cherry. It matches my purple raincoat. Folks will think I'm a Red Hat Lady (in spirit I am). I want to do a hat to match this scarf and will use a pattern from Iris Schreier or design somthing on my own.


multidirectionalscarf, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.

As soon as I learned about Iris Schreier's Multidirectional Knitting List on Yahoo, I signed up. The website is helpful with tutorials and comments from fellow knitters, and I've already come to love Iris' technique which eliminates seams and picking up of stitches through use of short rows. She has a new book out,
Modular Knits, a review of which appears in the current Vogue Knitting Magazine.
The Multidirectional (MD) scarf is the first project Iris recommends. Notice, the ends are squared off! The
list files contain photos of student work and databases with yarn and gauge info, a great way to see how different yarns work out. I did my scarf in the Landscape sock yarn from Knit Picks. I think I will add some flamingo fluff...
Yes, and if the yarn looks familiar it's because it is indeed the colorway I chose for my now defunct Crayon Box Jacket. I unravelled what I had completed and made Magic Balls which will no doubt find their way into something freeform. Tropical Sunrise will also work it's way into a matching hat.