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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Latest Projects

I've been waiting til I get caught up before posting, but since that's never going to happen, I figured I might as well use time writing as anything else. You can see two sets of my vacation pictures on my Fiberdabbler Flicker site. Click on the sets Westward Ho! and Westward Ho2!

I worked on my Hardanger GCC project. I find I need completely uninterrupted time for this pursuit, particularly when it comes to the wrapping and weaving of bars and subsequent motifs
(we must accomplish 18 different ones!) Here's what I have so far -- actually no more than when I left for home, I'm ashamed to say. Lucky me, our co-ordinator has requested an extension for us so I now have until January.

What's in my head? I signed on for a freeform challenge, also due in January. I signed up for
another online class with Sharon B, starting next week.

I completed the Bijous Blouse sweater from Oat Couture over the summer. It was the perfect project for travel. The end result was not great, rather A-line to the extreme and overall a bit too big, but I was going for the inside out sweatshirt look and just something to wear around.

I'm working on a new sweater and itching to start another.
My current sweater project appeared on the cover of May 2006 Creative Knitting. I wanted the same yarn and the same tweedy denim color. Although the color was rumored to be discontinued, I eventually got some after 3 months of waiting. I like the way it's working up.
I added some length, and I hope not too much or it will end up like my Diamond Patch sweater that started tunic length and has already grown to mini-dress. Actually I think it could be quite
a stunning garment if it ever gets to ankle length.

Bonnie Prokopowicz from the International Freeform list showed us a scarf she made up using links of FF medaillons.
I couldn't resist playing with the idea with some yarns I bought while in CA .

I did not neglect CQ this summer. Although I had said I'd never again take a CQ project when travelling, I changed my mind when I realized I could fit most of what I needed into a small tote box. I'm not ready for show and tell yet, but I will mention that the block is constructed from
recycled Goodwill clothing, mostly wool, which I fulled, but also the odd bit of wide wale courderoy and velveteen. Colors are limited to reds, grays, black & silver. It's supposed to have a Pacific Northwest "feel" to it.