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Monday, June 12, 2006

Bear Wallhanging

bear wallhanging, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.

My first finished quilted project. I started it probably 5 or more years ago -- before I learned the lesson of precision seaming. I made this from a kit from a design by McKenna Ryan at Pine Needles. It required minimal quilting which still intimidated me and caused me procrastinate. Fortunately the beautiful batik and tone on tone fabrics hide many of my boo-boos. Last year I did the machine squiggle behind the bear. Just the other day I stitched in the ditch and applied the binding. I purchased decorative bear rod ornaments when I got the kit and, providing I can find them, will hang this piece in my dad's cabin in the High Sierras. With its myriad imperfections it will serve to remind me of lessons learned. Didn't the Amish purposely include a humility block?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Did Someone Say OPTIONS!!!

I am incorrigible. I went to the thread store to get needlework yarn for a CQ project plus a couple of skeins of Caron that were backordered for the Options in Hardanger class. As you can see below I gave myself even more options and more decisions than I need to fret over. What was I thinking? I'll tell you -- and you'll note how fast, how easy, how adept I am at justifying each stash purchase. I bought my Lugana on sale, a fat quarter for $4.95, so I'll have enough fabric for several projects. Any leftover thread from that will find its way into my CQ or scrumbling.
I could avoid option angst by sticking to traditional white on white, but I'd be sacrificing the exhilerating rush I get when I see a profusion of threads (or yarns or fabrics or beads or...) in
seemingly endless combos of color. The thrill even extends to the at home experience of admiring my purchases. I'm proud of my indulgences. Let's see, if I'm grateful to be able to
indulge, does that soften the sins I've confessed to today?

Thread Audition 2

25 ct Lugana dark terra cotta
Caron Watercolors - arroyo
Waterlilies - blueberry
Watercolors - terra cotta
Wildflowers - periwinkle
Watercolors - Santa Fe
- Paprika
Wildflowers - dark terra cotta 3061
Watercolors - Fiesta
DMC #3 pearl - #501

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Options in Hardanger

I've signed up for another hardanger course after taking Beginning Hardanger twice. I refuse to admit defeat and won't give up till I get right. My greatest nemesis is the picot. Then there's the problem of actually seeing what I'm stitching. For this project I've selected a 25 count fabric and hope I can manage without auxillary magnification apparati. I fully intend to have a special pair of needlework glasses made; I'm sure it will make a huge difference.

I'm leaving soon for vacation and wanted to be sure I had my class materials to take along. I ordered fabric online along with several Caron colorways I thought might work. As usual I've given myself too many choices. Almost all of them work as you can see below -- even though the color is not quite accurate. I tried scanning, but the digital camera did a better job on the

thread auditions

25 ct Lugana in dark terra cotta.

Caron Watercolours from top to bottom:

054 terra cotta
183 Santa Fe
198 Arroyo
Wildflowers 3061 dark terra cotta
191 Avalon
036 tobacco
not shown is the color Fiesta also under consideration

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater

Below is my latest finished project, a pullover from Sally Melville's Knitting Experience: the Knit Stitch. In the pictures below the color may look like my Diamond Patch Sweater, but my
SFSS is in a solid turquoise, which, surprise,surprise, is my very favorite color in the whole wide world. The captions tell what changes I might make, and let me add, I would not use 100% cotton again. This is a loose, already oversized sweater that is sure to continue to grow. I would not make it again unless I were on a long trip when mindless knitting was in order. It was boring (ideal project for a beginner!), and I became impatient with more challenging projects in queue. Still, I managed to finish it.


FaveSummer2, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.
The design is meant to be oversized, but I would make it smaller next time and maybe avoid the increases at the fabric transition. I would prefer it hang straight. I am also tempted to crochet around the neck and sleeve edges which look a little "raw". Still, this should be a nice, comfy summer sweater.

Sally's Fave Summer Sweater

FaveSummer, originally uploaded by Fiberdabbler.
Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater from Sally Melville's bookThe Knitting Experience: the Knit Stitch. Done in solid turquoise cotton (a light worsted or DK weight) entirely in garter stitch using 2 different needle sizes to create 2 different fabrics so you get loose and airy for the sleeves and bottom section, denser guage through the mid-section.