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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Besides Sharon B's CQ class I'm participating in a challenge issued by Prudence Mapstone to members of the international freeform knit and crochet group. She asked us to submit scrumbles from which she would create a garment. We voted on the type of garment (a coat)
and the colorway (jeweltones, and if enough scrumbles were sent we could contribute optionally to the second choices, a shawl in underwater hues. To me this is a bold endeavor on Pru's part, first finding the time and then assembling our interpretations of jewel colors into an
exhibition piece to be presented at Chainlink this summer.

Ensuing discussion made it clear many of us weren't really sure which colors would qualify as jeweltones. There were suggestions of actual gems and royal trappings, stained glass,
brights, etc. We could readily agree that earth colors and pastels would not be included, but
then what. Since I usually go for muted shades and off colors, this colorway is a challenge for me. About the time I was playing with the Palette Generator, someone from the challenge group shared her color toys. I can't wait to play with them!